Kriosystem Sp. z o.o. was established in 1991. Its beginnings, however, go back further, to 1974 when the company founders acquired knowledge in the field of cryogenics in “Kriopan” – Experimental Department of the Institute of Low Temperatures of the Polish Academy of Science.

Kriosystem Life Sp. z o.o., subsidiary of Kriosystem, began to operate in 2015.

Kriosystem Life is a creative and committed team, passionately developing state-of-the-art cryogenic technologies.

Thanks to many years of experience and team of highly qualified specialists, we provide our customers around the world with a wide variety of equipment and installations, also suitable to be used in medicine. Cryogenics is what we know and do best, this is why our equipment meets the most demanding technical requirements, which is proven by numerous quality certificates, recognised worldwide. Kriosystem Life is valued for its reliability, quality and innovation. Our knowledge, experience and creativity of our team – these are the strengths that we are proud of.