Stationary Cryochamber can be installed in closed objects. It is used to perform the whole-body cryotherapy.

An integral part of the whole-body cryotherapy – especially in locomotor system conditions – are physical exercises (kinesiotherapy) as they determine the body surface area necessary for effective cryotherapy. Our cryochambers can handle approx. 30 patients per hour. However, chamber working time is mainly dependant on the social infrastructure and work organisation of the facility performing the treatment.

Cryochambers that we manufacture are based around the concept created by scientists and engineers from Wrocław. Kriosystem Life continues and expands those works, introducing safe and innovative cryochambers using liquid nitrogen as a coolant. We are proud to emphasise that our company, as a cryochambers manufacturer, also offers best and state-of-the-art market solutions of this type.


Our cryochambers are distinguished by their highest and unrivalled safety level. In our cryochambers, the patients have no direct contact with the cooling medium, which ensures both absolute safety and highest comfort.

Our company pre-builds, installs and launches the cryochamber. The customer only needs to prepare the space and provide power in service room. Chamber is installed in fully finished rooms, except for the flooring in front of the chamber and possible finishing works, when the space between the chamber and the ceiling needs to be covered. Details are discussed at the contract conclusion stage.

Stationary chamber parameters ...

Ambient temperature:


Recommended relative humidity:

< 40%

Atmospheric pressure:

80-106 kPa

Operation type:

continuous operation

Power supply:

alternating voltage

Voltage and frequency:

230 V, 50 Hz

Maximum number of patients in the chamber:

2 to 4 persons

Range of operating temperatures in treatment chamber:

-110 to -160°C by 5°C

Temperature in pre-chamber:

-60°C ±5°C

Treatment duration programmable range:

30 s to 5 min by 10 s

Temperature stabilisation in the treatment chamber:

±3 (max. ±10)°C

Cryochamber cooling time:

15-60 min to -160°C

Quantity of breathing air provided to the chamber:

> 35 m3/h

Oxygen concentration in the chamber:


Cooling agent consumption for cooling:

ca. 90 to 120 kg/h

Cooling agent consumption during treatments:

ca. 80 to 90 kg/h

Liquid gas container ...

The investor is solely responsible for the supply of the cooling agent. Liquid nitrogen is currently manufactured and supplied by Air Products, Linde, Messer, Air Liquide. Cooling agent supplier also supplies the container (based on a lease agreement). The investor is only obliged to prepare the foundation plate for the container – according to the specifications of the container supplier – for the particular container type with an EC Certificate.

Cryochamber supply conditions ...
  • Delivery and start-up timeline – 6 weeks from signing of the agreement, including the last 7-10 days in the facility where the chamber is to be installed.
  • The delivery and start-up price also includes the training of technical staff operating the cryochamber. The training takes place during the cryochamber installation in its destined location.
  • The price of the cryochamber includes 10 m of the vacuum insulated piping, connecting the cryochamber and the gas container.
  • The investor is responsible for the placement and filling of the container in the last week from the provisional date of the agreement signature for the cryochamber delivery.
  • 24 months guarantee, guarantee and post-guarantee service – 24 hours.
Equipment options ...

Cryochambers are manufactured in a few different options, depending on the type of the equipment included. The basic option be enhanced with:

  • selection of type and colour of the exterior of the chamber,
  • selection of widow size,
  • selection of external elements (handles colour, a table under the control panel),
  • selection of the way the lime-wood panelling is laid out,
  • installation of the video preview,
  • installation of displays inside and outside the chamber,
  • filler nozzle – allows the customer to refill liquid medium containers for local cryotherapy.

It is also possible to modify the cryochamber size, if the size or character of the room requires these kind of changes.